Vezt is migrating to Stellar!

Check on the status of your transfer here:

NOTE: If you previously completed this wizard flow successfully, you can obtain your re-issued dispersal here:

Step 1: Create a Stellar wallet

This process requires a Stellar wallet address in order to proceed. You can find a list of available wallets that support XLM here.

Step 2: Complete form below

The ERC-20 wallet address provided MUST be the same wallet address used to send VZT to the migration wallet in the final step. Stellar wallet address must be the wallet address where trust will be granted in Step 3.

NOTE: Be sure to send all ERC-20 VZT in one transaction. Sending multiple transactions will result in delays.

NOTE: Be sure to send your ERC-20 from a personal wallet. Transfers from exchanges will result in delays.

NEXT: Send VZT to migration wallet and confirm status

Send all existing ERC-20 VZT to the address below:


Step 3: Assign trust for the new VZT asset in your wallet

In order to receive your Stellar based VZT, you must establish a trust line with our asset issuer.

You can do this in one of two ways.

Method 1

Submit and sign the transaction from our wizard here by providing your stellar wallet credentials.

Note: This method requires you enter your private key, so that the wizard may automate the Change Trust operation. This process does not store your private key and Vezt does not have access to your private key in any capacity when executing this process.

Method 2

Perform the trust line transaction manually through the stellar laboratory.

Note: A guide on this process is available here. Be sure to use the new Issuer Account, noted above.

  1. Access the transaction builder at:
  2. Set your Stellar account public key as the Source Account
  3. Generate a Transaction Sequence Number by incrementing the current account sequence number by one.
  4. Set Operation Type to "Change Trust"
  5. Select the Alphanumeric 4 option and set the Asset Code to VZT and the Issuer Account ID to:

Check the status of your migration here:

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